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From interaction design all the way to user research, I offer a broad range of skills to help technology be more like people; not the other way around.

Interface Design

I start with paper and go as far as fully interactive demos where needed to help put a face to a good idea. I strive to minimize the friction between the person and the machine.


I've written software requirements, help documentation, web and interface copy, UI specifications, newsletters and even magazine articles. I choose the pen over the sword.


I study problems and solutions from many angles using contextual research, focus groups, usability testing, and any other method I can employ that may yield useful insight.


I hate it when things don't make sense. I have spent a great deal of my life making complex subjects crystal clear to non-technical users.

Teaching and Training

I love teaching people about the design process and making powerful creative concepts accessible to any person.


From Getting Things Done (GTD) to Scrum, I employ and teach powerful strategies and tactics to help people do the right things more efficiently and effectively.

 About Me

About Me

I am an Experience Designer by trade and a graduate of Clemson University in SC. I now live with my beautiful wife and two daughters in Charleston, SC. I help marry people and technology so they can live together in harmony, and I look beyond the usability of products and services to determine how they will be experienced by people who need to really get stuff done. I love simplifying complex software and processes to help others be productive and engaged, not frustrated and distracted.

Our Team

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Albert Jacobs
Albert Jacobs
Founder & CEO
Tonya Garcia
Tonya Garcia
Account Manager
Linda Guthrie
Linda Guthrie
Business Development

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I specialize in designing intuitive and attractive interfaces, conducting user research, and helping people accomplish their goals with technology.

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