Design for Good

What an amazing few years the past few years have been.

My wife and I moved back to South Carolina in December 2017. We knew our time in Pennsylvania was done and that it was time to be closer to family.

When I started this blog, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to remain in design as a career, as likely evidenced that none of my previous posts were about design. I had moved to Pennsylvania to attend ministry school, but my future in ministry was even uncertain.

I started this blog in the middle of vast vocational uncertainty because my wife challenged me to be writing, and it was a great way to sort out the many things I was processing around the meaning of productivity and the technological changes I was witnessing at the time.

Oddly enough, an opportunity to enter the design world again opened up in the midst of all my ruminations. I got the unique opportunity to work as an Experience Designer and design consultant on a wide variety of projects within the healthcare and financial industries. These industries are marked by widespread confusion and very human concerns like “How am I going to pay my next medical bill?” and “What is a lien?”.

I have discovered that design is one of the most powerful tools humans have at our disposals to help people navigate the world with compassion and peace. However, design is often underestimated or misunderstood. I will perhaps be writing about this much more in the future. We’ll see.

In the end, design is not what matters. It is a powerful tool, but it is not life itself. Companies are not what matters. While there are great organizations that exist and provide amazing opportunities and provision for people, most come and go like the mist and the wind. The great ones that last a really long time do so because of a sustained vision and committed people (and perhaps luck or divine providence). No matter what, people matter, and serving people well matters. Design is a powerful tool to serve people well.

I don’t know if this blog has a future here or if this site may take a different form as I strive to orient my life to matters of eternal importance.

But I do know you matter. And that’s by design.



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